All is bright: lighting the way to a beautiful abode

To set the scene for some great times with your family and friends during the holidays, don’t overlook your home’s lighting, which plays a huge role in the warmth and beauty of your space When it comes to Christmas in all of its splendor, visions of fancy lights, family gatherings, snuggling by the fire to... Continue Reading →

Aging in Place Lighting Guidelines, via Progress Lighting

Did you know that a 60-year-old needs 10 times as much light as the average 20-year-old to perform the same seeing task with equal speed and accuracy? Lighting plays an imperative role in creating a safe and healthy environment for active adults. The goal of a well-designed space for senior living is to eliminate dark areas and... Continue Reading →

2017 Fall Color Trends for Interior Design

When it comes to home design, there are quite a few tried and true favorites like neutrals and white-on-white options, as well as, some color options that will provide that wow factor this season.  Exploring warm colors and dark rich hues are becoming a popular Fall trend.  Think blush pink in your powder room and... Continue Reading →

Steam therapy at home: for your health and wellness

Just think of it as the cherry on top of being active, eating right, and being kind to your body Steam bathing is a custom that dates back to the Roman Empire. It is very much a way of life and has been for many centuries. As pointed out by Mr. Steam in The History of... Continue Reading →

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