6 design style tips to upgrade your home

How important is it to stay up-to-date with current home trends? Very. Such upgrades can add major value to your home and could be the determining factor of whether or not you’re able to sell it and make a profit—kitchens and master-bathroom suites can account for 10-15 percent of your home value, according to Money.com.

The design style of your home is a key factor in determining if it measures up to today’s interior designs. If your kitchen wallpaper hasn’t been replaced since the ’70s or the family room still dons a shag carpet, you need these valuable tips. Below are six design styles for inspiration.

Modern Style

If you love open floor plans, clean lines, clutter-free spaces, and neutral colors, then a modern style may be the one for you. In creating your modern space, take the minimalist, less-is-more approach. Modern design should suggest a sense of simplicity and functionality in every element throughout. Materials in the simplest forms should be used: smooth wood surfaces, glass, and clean, polished metals. Pure colors like black, white, and neutrals are mixed with bold primary colors to add accents. Art pieces should be carefully chosen to serve as the focal point of the space.

Kohler Jute Vanity
Kohler Jute Vanity
Electric Mirror Novo lighted mirror
Electric Mirror Novo Lighted Mirror
Brizo Solna faucet
Brizo Solna Faucet

Rustic Style

If you see the beauty in unfinished natural materials that evoke a simpler time, the rustic style is perfect for your home. In building your rustic home, bring nature inside with materials that are or seem to be aged. Incorporate rugged and reclaimed organic materials into the walls, furniture, and accessories. Avoid lighting and plumbing with a shiny, new feeling in lieu of fixtures with a hint of wear and tear. Colors should be warm and earthy with a few accents of traditional and familiar colors like Coca-Cola red, faded turquoise, and denim blue. Patterns should be simple—plaid, patchwork, and calico.

Kichler Evan five-light chandelier
Kichler Evan Five-Light Chandelier
Native Trails Farmhouse 33 copper sink
Native Trails Farmhouse 33 Copper Sink
Revelation Leandrew media console
Revelation Leandrew Media Console

Transitional Style

Uttermost Nelle armchair
Uttermost Nelle Armchair

If you desire clean, contemporary lines but also want to incorporate a classic and traditional feel to your home, a transitional style is right for you. Incorporate tone-on-tone palettes of neutrals colors with strong furniture that carries the space. A minimalist approach should be taken when carefully choosing accessories, art, and light fixtures. Straight lines and gentle curves will come together to create energy in the space. Tactile aspects should be blended into the space by use of fabric—leather, burlap, chenille, rattan, ultra suedes, or corduroy fabric can all be used in transitional spaces.

Hinkley Larchmere light
Hinkley Larchmere Light
MTI Laney tub
MTI Laney Tub

Industrial Style

Love faucets and other home accessories that have the look of vintage pipes and steel? You ought to consider the industrial style. Influenced by factories and other industrial places that have been modernized into modern-day lofts, condos, etc., industrial style celebrates humble materials. To achieve this look, consider adding decorative plumbing fixtures like those featured in the Elan Vital Kitchen or Bath Collections by Watermark. These pieces are characterized by the look of a factory pipe, manufactured by hand, and come in a number of finishes that include antique brass, gun metal, hammered copper, black nickel, green patina, and more. This style pairs nicely with natural textures, neutral colors, and basic flooring, according to Houzz.

Watermark Elan Vital faucet
Watermark Elan Vital Faucet

Modern Farmhouse Style (ties in several styles)

If you love white enamelware and ironware, the modern farmhouse style may be for you. Continuing to grow in popularity, as long as Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines is around, it’s not going anywhere. The farmhouse style mixes the rustic looks found in the classic farmhouse with modern and transitional elements, including clean lines, found/repurposed objects, and natural/live accents that play off each other to create a welcoming and warm space. This is achieved despite the signature white walls, which, at one time, were considered mostly a contemporary pallet. To sum up this style, just think bronze, aged brass, and galvanized steel meet shiplap, linens, and distressed wood.

Visual Comfort Darlana lanterns
Visual Comfort Darlana Lanterns

Classic Style

If your aesthetic appeals to more of an antique, Victorian, or vintage look, you may wish to consider the classic style. The classic style traditionally includes elaborate lighting pieces adorned with cascading crystals, expensive glass, and stone. Other interior elements include plumbing fixtures like Kohler’s Artifacts Collection in stainless steel, polished chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Kohler Artifacts collection
Kohler Artifacts Collection


logoThere are many looks to choose from when updating your home. Have fun with them, and make changes and updates that match your style or taste whether you want to add a few accents here and there to freshen up your space or opt for a long-term house renovation. The options are endless. These suggestions should give you plenty of inspiration. Happy decorating, and enjoy the beauty of design! For more inspiration, visit your local showroom, or book an appointment today with a PDI consultant at 770-963-9231 or www.relyonpdi.com. Rely on PDI for your dream kitchen, bath, and lighting.


Written by Joi Albright for Atlanta Home Magazine

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