Design tips for your home project

Kitchens and bathrooms are the places you and your family frequent the most.  The kitchen, itself, has become the hub for family gatherings after everyone gets home from work, school or wherever the day takes you.  This is the place you share how your day went while you chop meats and veggies to prepare dinner, engage your toddler who eagerly lends a “helping” hand and even provide a solution to that dreaded geometry equation your teenager is trying to crack.  Your bathroom, on another note, is where you prepare for the journey ahead each morning and relax and unwind before getting ready for bed every night.  For many, the bathroom is a place of peace and tranquility.

With these rooms having such a significant role in how we function each day, much thought and consideration should go into the design of these spaces so that you have one that not only looks amazing but is also functional and is structured to fit your lifestyle and the needs of you and your family.  Below is a summary of some pretty awesome tips from our consultants that you should consider for your next kitchen, bath or lighting project.


Kichler LED Tape Lighting

When it comes to illuminating your bathroom, a good rule of thumb is to layer your pieces to avoid shadows.  You want your lighting to be evenly distributed throughout the space.  If you or your loved ones need extra lighting for their safety, layered lighting provides extra illumination and can be placed in areas where you complete most of your tasks (ex: the bathroom sink) to provide better coverage.

To get an idea of how to create the perfect balance, consider adding side sconces to the left and right of a mirror to complement recessed fixtures or chandeliers.  Kichler’s LED Tape Lighting is a great option that creates stunning lighting effects, provides better visibility under key places (ex: cabinets, mirrors and stairs),  is easy to install and is safe for indoor use.

Storage / Decluttering

Contemporary bathroom with yellow bathtub

Having the right amount of storage for your needs is just as important as the look and quality of the products you choose for your kitchen or bathroom.  Consider the ever-popular freestanding tub.  They are a common choice among many homeowners and designers today.  As exquisite as they are to look at, however, you must still plan your space since they normally do not have a built-in deck to put your toiletries.  A built-in niche is a viable solution to this challenge and will help you maintain a clean, clutter-free environment.

Let’s focus on the kitchen for a moment.  Do you dream of more counter space?  Try a sink with built-in accessories, such as a cutting board, colander, dish rack and more.  Also try adding open shelves to your kitchen.  Your space will appear larger and will allow you to keep your countertops clear.

A hip, popular kitchen trend is to update the look of your space with aged brass accents.  Consider adding a kitchen faucet with an aged brass finish and even a complementing pendant or chandelier.  Don’t commit too heavily to this trend, however, so that you’ll be able to make updates with ease as styles change through the years.

Complementing Accessories  

Mr. Steam Towel Bar

If you are looking to make subtle improvements to your bath that will update the look of it and provide more accessibility and usability, then consider adding heated towel bars, like those by Mr. Steam, to your bathroom.  A soothing, heated towel to dry off with when getting out of the shower sure sounds nice!  Just think, there will be less towels lying around on your bathroom floor, being draped over the side of the tub, or over the shower curtain rod. This tiny addition makes for a more appealing and attractive space.

female hands under the stream of  water from showerYou can also enjoy the many benefits of adding a hand shower to your shower or even an ironing center to your bathroom.  These centers are great space savers.  They can be recessed in the wall and easily fold away.  Many options are available, such as a hot iron storage compartment (safely out of reach of small children), storage shelf, electrical cord cover, electrical cord wrap and garment bar.  You can also choose the door style that appeals to you and whether or not you want it to be hinged to the right or left.

There are many great options to choose from to bring your vision to life.  These are just a few to get your started along your journey.  For more inspiration, visit one of our 7 Metro Atlanta showrooms or our Nashville, TN location.  We are eager to assist you with the details of your home project.  Rely on us for all of your kitchen, bath and lighting needs.


Written by Joi Albright

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