Bathroom Vanities: A Reflection of Your Personal Style

When it comes to bathroom vanities, a beige countertop with traditional wood cabinets is not exactly the norm anymore.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the right colors, materials and styles to employ.  One rule of thumb to always remember, is that as long as the choices reflect your personal style and taste, you can’t go wrong and will be happy with the ending results.  Let’s look at a few pointers to assist you in making the right vanity purchase.  Ask yourself these questions: “what style appeals to me”, “what are my budgetary needs”, and “what functional aspects are important to me”.

The Right Style for You

There are several style options to choose from that will modernize the look of the space where you do most of your grooming. Before we get into that, first, let’s discuss what a vanity actually is.  According to HGTV, a vanity is generally a combination of mirror(s), sink(s), a countertop and some form of storage.  There are various ways that these elements work together to reflect a certain style, while accommodating the need for great storage.  Below are some popular vanity styles.


Modern and Contemporary Bathroom Vanities are efficient and minimal by design, with sleek lines and understated cabinetry. Rustic and Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities use natural materials and have an earthy appeal to them. They may incorporate natural stone and wood choices. Antique Bathroom Vanities have a style that is both classic and elegant and may have more of a Victorian appeal.

Plan Your Budget


If you are interested in a quality bathroom vanity with as much great style and function as their more expensive contenders, but not the lavish pricing, consider the Amora Vanity by Ronbow.  This piece is visually stunning with its geometric design, ample storage space and bold use of color.  The rich navy finish of the vanity and the Carrara marble top are the perfect pair and make for a quite impressive look.


If you would like a more custom work of art, consider one of many great pieces, like the Stephen Vanity, by The Furniture Guild. Each of their vanities are crafted by hand, one piece at a time, and are personally signed by the craftsman.

Consider What’s Important


For a smaller space, modern bathroom vanities would be a great option to consider because they provide space savings with their simple hardware and features, as well as, ample storage capabilities.  For options that take up less space, you may consider the many floating sink and vanity choices that are available today, like Kohler’s Purist Wall-Mount Sink, as well as, their Jute and Damask Wall-Hung Vanities.

Make sure to also plan your space for your family.  If you have little ones, it may be a great idea to buy furniture that has a built-in stepping stool so that children can reach the sink or one with open shelves.  That way you can store their bath toys, towels, and toiletries at their level and off countertops or around the tub.

In conclusion, bathroom vanities are increasingly becoming the focal point of many baths as they offer an instant upgrade to the look of your space. Given the various styles, colors, patterns and materials that are being used to construct today’s bathroom furniture, you are sure to find one that complements your aesthetic.  So, go with what you love and have fun!


Written by Joi Albright

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