Steam therapy at home: for your health and wellness

Just think of it as the cherry on top of being active, eating right, and being kind to your body

Steam bathing is a custom that dates back to the Roman Empire. It is very much a way of life and has been for many centuries. As pointed out by Mr. Steam in The History of Steam Bathing, “Steam bathing has always been a place to meet and socialize, relax, and leave behind the stress of the day—whether that be in the thermae of ancient Rome, the sweat lodges of the Native Americans, or the spring-fed onsen of the Japanese.”

It’s a point that is hard to debate: a healthy lifestyle and steam therapy go hand in hand. Just think of it as the cherry on top of being active, eating right, and being kind to your body. Steam therapy takes things a step further by possibly helping to condition your joints, relax your mind and physique, and help release toxins from your body. With so many positive aspects, let’s explore how you can incorporate it into your daily life and enjoy it for years to come.

Accessibility for Wellness

As we get older, the need to maintain our well-being and personal fitness is essential to overall health and quality of life. As part of your wellness lifestyle, consider adding a steam shower to your home bath—yes, it can be done. You may choose to integrate it into your current layout or opt to design a whole new oasis. In preparation though, make sure to keep the next 10-15 years in mind to avoid another remodel down the line if your accessibility needs change. You can incorporate features that serve you now and later, like a no threshold shower and seating.

An important factor for many when it comes to wellness is getting a good night’s sleep. With an endless list of to-do’s each day, it is easy to get in the routine of not getting the right amount of sleep we need to function properly on a daily basis. As mentioned in Mr. Steam’s blog post Steam Your Way to the Sleep of Your Dreams, steam may help promote deep, restful sleep, increase your REM cycles during sleep (the restorative part of our sleep), and can help relax your mind and body in preparation for a deeper and longer sleep. According to a press release by the CDC, one in three adults don’t get the recommended seven hours of daily sleep, and sleeping less than that can increase the risks of developing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and frequent mental distress.


With the iSteam3 by Mr. Steam, you are able to enjoy the latest in steam-bathing controls with the ability to manage temperature, time, aroma infusion, chroma lighting, and music settings to your liking. Imagine having this luxury right at your fingertips and only as far away as your bathroom.

Remodeling for Wellness


When planning your bath space, you must consider the future just as much as the present. When making projections for the next ten years, consider these questions: will you be caring for a loved one with physical limitations, will you need home care, and what makes the most sense for my family? Adding wider doorways and considering using non-toxic paint and building materials may be a great long-term wellness choice. Another great idea is to not use your extra room as an exercise space. Instead, you can knock down that wall to create an open and spacious luxury bath with a fitness center incorporated.

Ten benefits you may not have considered

Other benefits that steam showers can help with in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle: they may clear sinus congestion, flush your body of excess sodium through sweat, soften your skin to simplify shaving, relieve acne conditions, remove lactic acid from muscles, deepen sleep, help relieve arthritis pain, possibly boost metabolism, conserve water, and 15-minute sessions can burn around 150 calories. Click here to learn how simple it really is to create the blissful bath of your dreams.

Enjoying a lifestyle with less stress where you are able to age gracefully and have an overall healthy lifestyle is truly attainable. Making an investment to add a little steam in your day on a regular basis will yield returns far greater than what you could imagine. Hopefully, these suggestions will give you a little inspiration. Visit your local PDI showroom or book an appointment today with one of their friendly consultants for assistance. Please call 770-963-9231 or visit


Written by Joi Albright for – Home

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