2017 Fall Color Trends for Interior Design

When it comes to home design, there are quite a few tried and true favorites like neutrals and white-on-white options, as well as, some color options that will provide that wow factor this season.  Exploring warm colors and dark rich hues are becoming a popular Fall trend.  Think blush pink in your powder room and emerald green in your dining room.  See a few of our tips below for inspiration!

Warm Interiors

When it comes to our living spaces, some of our main desires are that they are warm, inviting, highly functional and stylish. Is it possible to achieve all factors in each space?  Absolutely!  Let’s start with making a room both warm and inviting.  We can begin here with wall color.  Today’s Fall trends lend more to rosey tones, like rich pinks, yellows, peach variations and more.  Some even argue that our color selections can impact our mood.

As mentioned in the article, How Color Plays with Your Emotions by HGTV, colors like pink are more feminine and create a fun and positive atmosphere. The color green may help you feel rested and put you in a more tranquil state of mind.  Blues are said to be more calming, while reds are more romantic and can stimulate your appetite.  These are good points to consider when choosing color palettes for particular rooms.

Keep in mind how you and your family plan to use the space on a daily basis and choose a color scheme that helps you to achieve your goals for that space.  If the kitchen table is a multifunctional space that serves as the gathering place for family dinners, homework studies, and phone conversations, you may want tones that are calming, evoke clear thinking, or that stimulate creativity.  Go for more tranquil and cozy tones in your baths.

With regards to accents, velvets are in!  Make sure to add key pieces like a velvet pillow or chair for a vibrant pop of color. A touch of gold or a few metallic pieces will embellish the look and tie everything together. Lighting pieces, like the Abella by Capital Lighting, artwork, lamps and accent tables in these tones are all the perfect complement.  Instead of applying these colors to the entire room, create an accent wall, and keep your window coverings to a minimum.  That way you won’t compromise the brightness of the room.

Dark Green Interiors

Capital- Abella- 423041CG
Abella by Capital Lighting

Rich hues like emerald green and violet are bold and unexpected in the dining room.  They make for an elegant and unforgettable setting.  Apply these colors in a number of ways – on your walls, as an accent chair, by adding a few decorative accessories or/and artwork, plus more.

These colors also have their place in the man cave.  Try different greys, as well as, navy and black hues that mimic the high fashion designs for men that we’ve seen grace the runway this year.  Add rustic artwork and accent pieces to add texture.

Blush Pink Interiors

kohler pink
Briolette Sink by Kohler

While subtle, blush pink adds undeniable class and elegance to any room.  Adding it to your wall, would make for a chic powder room or bedroom.  Throw in gold and beige accent pieces, like the Briolette glass sink by Kohler, to your bath or plush pillows, throws, and complementing drapes to complete the look in your master suite.

Matte Black Home Accessories

matte black purist
Purist by Kohler

Matte black fixtures are modern and make for a clean, sleek appearance.  If you like the contrast of white and black, employ stark white walls or subway tiles, Carrara marble countertops or tiles, and matte black kitchen fixtures, like the Purist Faucet by Kohler, for a truly impressive look.

Enjoy this Fall and have fun with color!  Hopefully these tips will spark an interest to update your space.  The holidays are fast approaching, why not make a few changes.  You can always rely on PDI for all of your plumbing and lighting needs.  We are open Monday – Saturday and are ready to assist you.  Book your consultation with one of our friendly associates today at 770-963-9231.

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Written by Joi Albright

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