A new way to customize your lighting is here, via Progress Lighting

Open designs in light fixtures are popular in today’s homes – and designers and homeowners have discovered a new way to complement their favorite statement pieces by changing out the bulbs.

There are so many bulb choices to choose from – that feature a variety of shapes and finishes – including:

  • mini lamps
  • tubular filaments
  • vintage bulbs
  • silver globes
  • Edison style lamps

The possibilities are virtually endless!

In honor of this popular trend, our team at Progress Lighting has created a bulb styling guide to provide quick hints in selecting bulbs for your favorite chandelier or pendant.

Bulb designs, such as clear candelabras or Edison-style lamps are a perfect complement to fixtures featuring mixed metals – like our popular Spicewood pendant. Image courtesy of TJ Getz.

In the loft pictured above, the space features exposed wood beams, an antique mirror and lots of natural light. Progress Lighting’s Spicewood pendant contributes to an industrial-inspired environment – where candelabra and Edison bulbs complement the overall design.

Round bulb styles – such as silver globes and mini lamps – are good selections for Space Age inspired chandeliers, such as Ion, by adding softness to the overall fixture.

Customization is becoming increasingly important to both designers and homeowners as they seek to make unique statements within their personal settings. And this definitely rings true for Mid-Century Modern-inspired interiors, such as the one pictured above!

Draper’s classically designed frame and finish would be better suited with elongated bulbs – as it enhances the overall profile.

Simple lines and bold colors are a focal point in the room setting above. To add a greater design effect for Draper’s mid-century classic design, our team selected tubular style lamps to create a truly signature statement for this home.

wyche pavilion event7
When designing with fixtures that feature clear glass shades, taking the bulb style and appearance into consideration is of utmost importance!

Elongated bulbs and vintage lamps, such as those found in tubular and decorative incandescent styles, complement Evoke’s elliptical-inspired frame – and appear stunning through a clear glass shade.


As Progress Lighting sees the resurgence in the trend of exposed, open and vintage bulbs in decorative products, they are educating audiences to understand how a lamp’s shape, size and color can work to create a completely new look for each fixture – and room.

For more information, check out the bulb styling guide and follow Progress Lighting on social channels to stay up to date on more lighting design trends!

Shop these great finds by Progress Lighting at PDI.  For more inspiration, visit us on the web at relyonpdi.com or call to book your appointment at 770-963-9231.

Written by Progress Lighting for PDI

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