Aging in Place Lighting Guidelines, via Progress Lighting

Did you know that a 60-year-old needs 10 times as much light as the average 20-year-old to perform the same seeing task with equal speed and accuracy? Lighting plays an imperative role in creating a safe and healthy environment for active adults.

The goal of a well-designed space for senior living is to eliminate dark areas and maximize functionality – and leading lighting manufacturer Progress Lighting offers a variety of indoor and outdoor fixtures designed specifically for homes of aging individuals. Read on for more guidelines on aging in place from their team of lighting experts!

A layered lighting approach is key.  The ALA reports that after age 60, eye and visual system changes accelerate so that less light reaches the eye. Therefore, aging adults need more light to see and complete everyday tasks in their homes. Using a combination of ambient (general illumination), task (direct illumination in place for specific tasks) and accent lighting (for visual appeal and safety) will help create a layered lighting design and more overall illumination in the home.

Caress Pendants-Chandelier _ Kitchen _ TollBrothers
Image courtesy of Toll Brothers, featuring Caress pendants by Progress Lighting

LED lighting solutions are also great for active adult living spaces because:

  • Their warm white color consistency and higher rate of lumens per watt are gentle on aging eyes, while a long lifetime means less bulb changes over the years.
  • LED fixtures pay for themselves by offering energy and maintenance savings, while providing aesthetically pleasing lighting.
  • The fixtures operate at a much cooler temperature than other lighting, which increases safety and lowers the risk of burns.
Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes

Additionally, LED and CFL outdoor lighting options add safety and security illumination to a home’s exterior. These sources last longer than a traditional incandescent source, offering maintenance benefits to the aging population.

Image courtesy of Kolter Homes

Overall design strategies and a better lighting approach for homes of aging individuals can help increase personal independence and promote health and safety in and outside of the home. Shop these great finds by Progress Lighting at PDI, and follow them on Instagram for more inspiration. For more information, visit us on the web at or call to book your appointment at 770-963-9231.


Written by Progress Lighting for PDI

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