All is bright: lighting the way to a beautiful abode

To set the scene for some great times with your family and friends during the holidays, don’t overlook your home’s lighting, which plays a huge role in the warmth and beauty of your space

When it comes to Christmas in all of its splendor, visions of fancy lights, family gatherings, snuggling by the fire to watch great holiday classics, and holiday parties with friends come to mind. It is also a time of reflection, gratitude, and benevolence. For many, this is the time of year that everything feels just right with the world. To set the scene for some great times with your family and friends, don’t forget about an area that we often take for granted: lighting.

Lighting plays a huge role in the warmth and beauty of your space. As you plan your holiday to-do list, make sure that showing your home a little love is somewhere near the top. Seek to wow guests this year with a few amazing lighting upgrades. To get started, here are a few tips to help you achieve optimal lighting around your house.

Lighting your dining room

Capital- Camille- 310731SF

As mentioned by Capital Lighting, “lighting is the jewelry to your overall home design, and nowhere is that more important than the selection of your dining-room chandelier or sconces.” Whether you are planning for a large party of 20 or more guests or a small setting of around four or five, be sure there is ample lighting in your dining area. Lighting fixtures should accomplish three things: avoid glare, look amazing, and perfectly balance the lighting around your dinner table.

So, how do you know what size works best for your space? That’s a great question! Try Capital Lighting’s calculation. Take the width of your table and subtract 12 inches from that number for the fixture diameter that will work best.

Consider grouping multiple pendants to achieve a totally different look.

modern pendant light with vintage light bulb

Alternatively, add one of Hinkley Lighting’s show-stopping chandeliers like Gemma along with side sconces to a wall to add complementing layers.

Hinkley Gemma

Kitchen and task lighting


Spending time with loved ones and extending a helping hand in the kitchen is what memories are made of around the holidays. Add task lighting in areas where most of your prep work takes place like under cabinets, near the sink, over your island, and above your kitchen table. An nontraditional approach could be to add small table lamps on your kitchen countertops.


Lighting your entryway or foyer

hinkley foyer

When choosing the right lighting fixture for a foyer, keep in mind that it needs to accommodate the size of your space. If you have high ceilings with a center window, a more-opulent piece that dazzles and will be large enough to carry the ample space might be the way to go. This piece should command attention while complementing and not overpowering the other fixtures and overall aesthetic of your home. You may choose to create layers by adding a tabletop lamp or some side sconces on the sides of mirrors, windows, or artwork.

Landscape lighting

Before anyone takes their first steps into a home, their eyes rest on its exterior. Go beyond traditional lighting on the porch and garage, and light the path to the front door to welcome guests. Layer lighting in the backyard as well. Complementary fixtures can be found in several styles and finishes. See Hinkley’s Hardy Island Pathway lights in a Matte Bronze finish below. They pair nicely with outdoor lanterns to add personal reflections of your style to the landscape.

PDI wishes you lots of holiday cheer. Apply a few or all of these tips in your home for ideal lighting in your space that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is purposeful. For more inspiration, visit, or call to book your appointment at (770) 963-9231.


Written by Joi Albright for Atlanta Home Magazine

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