Helpful Tips to Organize and Personalize Your Bath

When it comes to our baths, there is no mistake about it that we want it to be both inviting and functional.  To achieve that, there are a couple of points to consider – how to minimize clutter with ample storage and how to add your personality to the space.

Minimizing Clutter with Ample Storage

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It is easy to not put much thought into your bathroom.  With our busy lives and lists of things to do each day, it’s hard to put organizing your bathroom as a priority on that list. Just think, a well-organized bath could help get your day off to a good start.  However, since it is where we most likely begin our preparation for the day and wind down and get ready for bed at night, we should give it some serious thought.

Our countertops are the number one spots for clutter. If ample storage space is what you need. Invest in vanities with ample storage and beautifully crafted cabinetry both above and below your countertops.  That way you can keep towels, toiletries and bathing essentials stored away and out of sight until you need them.  This minimizes clutter and leaves your space tidy and appealing. You’ll have a little extra motivation to get your day going now that you can take a few moments to clear your mind and prepare for the day.  Your first thought when you enter your bathroom won’t be, “ugh, I’ve got to get this in order!”

Add YOU to Your Bath

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Our bath spaces aren’t one size fits all and how we view them shouldn’t be either.  Make a commitment to show your bathroom a little love.  There are several opportunities to add your personal touch.  This year, today’s baths are being adorned with bold wallpaper patterns and paint shades, plus glamorous plumbing and lighting fixtures.  Go all out and add pieces that catch your eye.

If you have a love for the ocean, why not add key pieces here or there.  The idea is not to overwhelm the space with it but to add just enough to make you smile. If you’re a lover of art, add a few pieces on your wall that remind you of places you’ve traveled, your dearest loved ones, and important milestones in your life.  This will serve as daily motivation and may put you in a cheerful mood as you plan to face the day’s challenges.

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Written by Joi Albright

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