This time of year brings feelings of nostalgia and warm thoughts of moments shared with our most cherished loved ones.  In anticipation of the holidays and the guests that are set to arrive as early as next week, take inventory of your dining room to see whether or not a few enhancements are needed to make your dinner setting as gorgeous as the delicious food spread atop your dinner table.



The Naples Chandelier by Aiden Gray is as elegant as it is stunning and provides old-world charm in a refreshingly new way. This light fixture features 12 lights along with a cascade of smoothed natural beaded crystals. You can see the exquisite Aidan Gray Naples chandelier on display at the PDI Showroom on Mansell Rd, Roswell, GA.


Blakely Antique Gold 3 Light Foyer by Capital Lighting

The addition of the Blakely Antique 3-Light Foyer Fixture by Capital Lighting to your dining room is a non-traditional but excellent idea that beautifully adds perfectly balanced lighting throughout the room. Blakely features dazzling cut crystals, antiqued glass, and luxurious, jewel-toned finishes.

Rely on PDI this holiday season for the brilliance that is sure to transform your dining space into a warm, inviting environment that sets the tone for shared memories, good food, and loads of laughs. All are the makings of family togetherness and of holidays that are magical. Allow us to take one thing off of your holiday to-do list and entrust PDI for dazzling lighting that will bring the perfect balance of warmth and splendor to your dinner setting. Call to book your appointment today at 770.963.9231 and visit us on the web at for the location nearest to you. Happy holidays!


Written by Joi Albright

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