6 Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2019

It’s a new year and another opportunity to add a few upgrades to refresh your space.  Let’s focus our attention on the kitchen along with trending elements to watch that will instantly boost the appearance, mood, and overall aesthetic of your place.  The kitchen is indeed the gathering spot and is the focal point of your home. With the addition of a few of the below ideas, your kitchen will look and feel brand new.

Smart Technology

Kitchen faucets, lighting, refrigeration, and much more can all be maintained by a control panel or through memory or sensory features. These automation features make everyday tasks easier, add value, and will instantly make your space more modern and functional.

Courtesy of Delta Faucet Company

Gold, Copper and Brass Fixture Finishes

Metallic finishes add stylish charm and appeal to varied color palettes. Whether the idea is to add an elegant pop of color to classic white décor or to make a bold statement by pairing them with vibrant hues live navy and hunter green, these finishes complement numerous shades, tones, and elements.

Courtesy of Kallista

Matte Lighting

Matte selections paired with brass and copper fixtures are on trend and are making an elegant statement in the home.  The same is true for matte lighting pieces. They are striking, charming, and the perfect complement to a stylish space. Such elements would be perfect in your casual dining setting.

Sea Gull Lighting.png
Sea Gull Lighting

Quartz vs. Granite

As mentioned in the HGTV article, Quartz vs. Granite: Is One Really Better Than the Other, quartz has become a popular option among homeowners who don’t want to have to maintain the sealing and upkeep of granite or marble. This option has the following attributes – it’s easier to clean and doesn’t hold much bacteria since it’s non-porous, is virtually indestructible, and looks fantastic. Granite, is a little less costly, is unique in that no two slabs are the same, and is highly resistant to heat. Both can be cleaned with a little soap and water or a mild household cleaner. Either option will be a beautiful addition in your space.

q vs g

Matte Appliances

Matte appliances in black, white, gold, and blue are on trend this year and will add a sleek, modern appearance to your space. Gone are the days of only having black, stainless steel, or white appliances that stick out. You can now blend and mask the look of your devices to go with the look of your cabinetry and overall design aesthetic.  The appliances can take the background, allowing your beautiful kitchen aesthetic to be the star of the show!

Kitchen Cabinetry in Jewel Tones

When it comes to adding stylish trends to your kitchen, don’t forget to show your cabinetry a little love. Jewel tones are prevalent. Consider these gorgeous ideas:

Cobalt blue is a pleasant surprise in the kitchen and makes for an eclectic and unique appearance that is sure to garner attention. Matte black and hunter green paired with copper hardware add style, sophistication, and elegance to both spaces.

We hope this article provides you with a wealth of ideas to consider for your space. Book a consultation with one of our knowledgeable consultants today at 770.963.9231 and leave the details to us. We would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to visit us on the web at relyonpdi.com and follow our blog at relyonpdiblog.com.

Written by Joi Albright

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