Spice up your Kitchen with Glamorous Hinkley Lighting Featuring Brass Accents

When it comes to adding wow appeal and elements that polish the overall look and aesthetic of your kitchen, incorporating lighting fixtures in metallic finishes is the way to go. The ever-popular brass and copper tones are elegant, add sophisticated charm, and are the perfect complement to various textures and materials used to construct chic lighting pieces, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and accessories. Perfect lighting balances all elements in your space.

Hinkley’s Somerset Pendants are regal with their slender curves, pearl-like bulbs, and smooth, contemporary-style encasings. Their metallic tones complete the look, adding style and glamour to this space.

This gorgeous kitchen is a breath of fresh air with its tropical bamboo and natural wood elements, as well as, its subtle palette of pastel pinks, natural stone countertops and backsplash, and so much more! As seen in this stunning space, brass accents are incorporated in the lighting fixtures, hardware accents, and accessories. To achieve this look, see our mood board below for inspiration. Shop Hinkley and other great finds at PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting!

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