June Series: Replacement Products to Watch and Key Additions to Add – Kitchen, Bath and More

Whether you’d like to do a complete renovation of your kitchen space or want to replace a few fixtures and add a few accents, there are tons of ideas to inspire you. Have you considered your kitchen for Spring cleaning? A brand new faucet and layered lighting additions may be all you need to refresh your space right away without breaking the bank. Depending on your budget and how extensive you’d like your project to be, a few key touches or replacements here and there or a complete renovation will refresh your space and add significant value to your home. For replacement ideas, consider swapping out your kitchen or bath faucets, as well as, upgrading your toilets, lighting and ceiling fans. Here are a few ideas below for inspiration.

Kitchen Faucet

Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser

How amazing would it be to have instant hot water at your disposal added to your kitchen. With this extremely convenient technology, near boiling water is available right when you need it with Insinkerator’s hot water dispensers!

You will be able to easily prepare your favorite meals and drinks like oatmeal, coffee or tea within a fraction of the time with this added feature. What an amazing benefit this dispenser also provides for moms of precious little ones who will now be able to satisfy hunger and avoid a complete meltdown with the ability to warm milk faster, sterilize bottles, toys and other baby items with ease. Make sure to view the video above for several life hacks that can now be accomplished with instant hot water, as well. (Insinkerator, 2019)

Toilet Upgrade

Kohler Corbelle with Continuous Clean Technology

Think of having a spotless toilet bowl day after day that only requires the minimal change of the filter and wiping the outside clean on your part to maintain? It is not a dream. Meet Kohler’s Corbelle Toilet with their ContinuousClean Technology!

ContinuousClean dispenses a consistent amount of toilet bowl cleaner after each flush to keep your bowl cleaner between flushes. All you have to do is place the circular tablet in its tank, set the desired amount, and the system will do the work for you by mixing fresh water with the cleaning agent and dispensing the solution after each flush. Corbelle packs a 2-step punch with pairing ContinuousClean with their Revolution 360 Technology that generates a swirling motion, moving water completely around the entire bowl to keep it cleaner longer. (Kohler, 2019)

Ceiling Fan

Maverick by Monte Carlo

Add instant style appeal and significant value to your home with the sleek, modern aesthetic of the Maverick Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo. Maverick is energy efficient and has been certified as ENERGY STAR qualified. With its broad 60 inch 3-blade reach, Maverick provides ample airflow for living rooms, great rooms or outdoor covered areas. It comes equipped with a hand-held remote that features six speeds and reverse. It comes in several finishes like Dark Walnut, Matte Black, Light Grey Weathered Oak, and the like. What a beautiful addition this would be to your space. (Monte Carlo, 2019)

We hope that you have been inspired by these ideas and that you may want further discussion in hopes of upgrading your space. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling to speak to a consultant in your area and to book your complimentary appointment today at 770.963.9231! In the meantime, browse our website at relyonpdi.com for our list of locations.

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Written by Joi Albright

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