June Series: How Ceiling Fans Can Save Money and Energy

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The Summer HEAT is upon us, and that means cranking the AC for many of us, thus significantly increasing our electric bill. As a viable alternative, consider installing ceiling fans in optimal areas of your home to add a little value to your space, conserve energy to maintain a moderate temperature setting, and to add a little more circulation in the space you’re occupying.  You may find that there are several areas around the house where the addition of a ceiling fan may make perfect sense.

Below are a couple of areas that you may not have thought of that could benefit from having a ceiling fan.

  • The Laundry Room – With the washing machine and the dryer going on simultaneously, this room can pack in much heat. Also, if this space is closed in without windows, the heat gets trapped with nowhere to go. Installing a ceiling fan here will help to disperse the heat, create airflow, and will make the room itself more appealing and attractive.
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For the most effective use, run your ceiling fan in the room you are occupying along with your central cooling unit, adjusting your thermostat to the optimal level for your comfort. According to the Department of Energy, you can raise your thermostat by 4 degrees without a change in comfort.

As noted in the same ceiling fan article (mentioned earlier) by the Huffington Post, the same strategy works in the winter. Reverse the ceiling fan rotation to push warm air downward. You can then drop your thermostat to the desired temperature.

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Written by Joi Albright

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