Fall is Approaching – Here’s Why We LOVE Instant Hot Faucets!

Often times when we experience using a product or technology in a commercial setting, we don’t realize it can also be installed in a residential application and the benefits it can bring to our daily routines at home. For example, my initial exposure to an instant hot water faucet was to make a quick oatmeal breakfast or a cup of noodle soup for lunch in the break room of my first office job. It wasn’t until I started working at PDI that I learned you could have the same convenience in your home, and I gained a full understanding of how useful and versatile it could be. The list of things you can do with an instant hot water faucet go beyond just making instant foods and a cup of tea!

My top 5 things you can do with an instant hot water faucet are:

  • Warming travel mugs. Filling my travel cup with hot water keeps my coffee warmer longer for my long commutes into work.      
  • Form mouth guards. Whether you play football, hockey, or are responsible for getting a toddler dressed, this can come in handy.
  • Food prep. Use to thaw frozen foods, boil water faster, and save time preparing a meal on busy work nights.
  • Pre-soak dishes and wine glasses for easy clean up.
  • Treat your feet. Use to create a soothing foot soak after a long day.

Most importantly, using an instant hot water dispenser conserves water by eliminating the need to wait for the temperature to rise when using your primary faucet. The best part is that you don’t have to do an entire remodel to own one. Instead, it can be a simple upgrade to your kitchen. Offered in a variety of designer styles and finishes makes it easy to update the space.

Written by Tiffany Barker, Guest Writer for PDI

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