How to Schedule and Prepare for Your Virtual Showroom Appointment with PDI

About our Virtual Showroom

Are you interested in completing a home renovation or making a few refreshes but are hesitant or unable to leave your home? Now available for scheduling, our virtual showroom provides the superior service and unforgettable experience of an in store appointment at a PDI showroom from the comfort of your own home or remote space. To better accommodate your needs, the opportunity to schedule a virtual appointment with one of our trained experts will allow you to view our showroom, compare products and complete the home project you’ve been dreaming of.

Scheduling Your Appointment

You’ve decided you want to book a virtual showroom appointment with PDI, now what? Booking your appointment is as easy as calling 770-274-1670 or emailing You can also request an appointment directly on our website through our Appointments page. Your request will be forwarded to a Showroom Coordinator who, from there, will organize the appointment at your desired day and time.

Upon confirmation, you will receive a calendar invitation via email with the Zoom link for your virtual appointment, along with instructions on how to prepare. The day before your appointment, you may receive one final confirmation call. After that, you’ll be ready for your Zoom meeting.

Technology Requirements

Upon scheduling a virtual showroom appointment, you’ll receive your Zoom link. You’ll use the Zoom link to connect with your consultant at the time of your appointment. You will need a desktop, laptop or mobile device with a reliable internet connection. It’s recommended that you download the Zoom platform prior to joining the meeting so that the appointment can begin on time. To make interaction with your consultant easier, make sure you have a working camera and microphone prior to your appointment. You can test these connections on Zoom prior to joining the call.

The Virtual Showroom Process

At the start of the appointment, your consultant will ask you a few questions in order to have as much information about your project as possible. Some information to consider in preparation includes your budget, project blueprints and your desired style.

Find inspiration on our social media channels, browse different manufacturers and products on our website and build a Wish List to share with your consultant.

During the appointment, your consultant will share his or her screen with you so you can view the virtual showroom. In the virtual showroom, you will be able to explore every corner of our store with your consultant to find the perfect products for your budget and style.

To schedule your virtual showroom appointment, call us at 770-274-1670, email us at or request an appointment on our website today.

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