5 Plumbing and Lighting Trends to Watch in 2021

2021 is finally here! With the start of a new year comes the desire for upgrades in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home. Whether it’s a full home renovation or just a few changes you’re looking to make, there are several emerging trends you may be interested in implementing into your home. Some popular design styles we’ll see more of this year include mid-century, modern farmhouse and bohemian influences. These styles can be expressed in many different ways, from a fresh new light fixture to a bathroom renovation and beyond. Here are some trends for 2021 that will transform your space.

Mixing Metals

The mixing of metal finishes in kitchens and bathrooms is a great way to add character and express creativity. Mixing different finishes of cabinet pulls, faucets and other fixtures is no longer breaking the rules. In fact, it can be freeing to go out of your comfort zone and mix metals. Some mixed metals we love are black and gold, polished nickel and gold, and black and chrome, but the combination possibilities are endless!

Smart Technology

It comes as no surprise that smart technology is quickly taking over households. From smart appliances like refrigerators and washing machines to environmental controls, home automation has had a significant impact on the comfort and convenience of our homes. The trend towards smart faucets and shower systems is something we will see more of in 2021. Manufacturers like Kohler, Delta, Brizo and Moen have introduced smart faucets with touchless technology to increase cleanliness and convenience. Kohler’s Sensate faucet features intuitive ResponseĀ® technology that provides touchless operation by the wave of a hand. Delta and Brizo both offer VoiceIQ technology that can turn your faucet on and off, dispense exact amounts of water, and fulfill other customized needs. VoiceIQ Technology pairs with devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home and is compatible with SmartTouch faucets. In addition to smart faucets, Moen has also introduced the U by Moen Digital Shower Controller, which allows you to personalize your shower experience using voice, phone and the controller itself. You can time your shower, control temperature and more.

Kohler Sensate Faucet
U by Moen Digital Shower Controller

Therapy Products

MTI Baths speaks on the health benefits of hydrotherapy, which can be achieved by bathing. One popular form of hydrotherapy is microbubbles. Water super-saturated with oxygen-rich microbubbles helps clean and exfoliate the skin, leaving it hydrated and restored. Other hydrotherapies provided by MTI products include whirlpool and stream bath technology. There’s also room for steam in every home, according to Mr. Steam. Promoting both relaxation and wellness, some of the major benefits of steam showers include stress and allergy relief, restful sleep and blood circulation.

MTI Baths Jasmine Freestanding Tub
Mr. Steam Farmhouse Steam Shower

Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to the kitchen and bathroom is a great way to tie design styles together. +Native Trails offers concrete sinks for the kitchen, like the Farmhouse sink. In the bathroom, you can find concrete sinks, vanities, and tubs. Complementary to many design styles, concrete offers versatility and durability. The addition of one of these pieces in your home is a sure way to be a trendsetter this year.

Native Trails Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Native Trails Mendocino Freestanding Tub

Statement Pieces

What better way is there to showcase your creativity and style than a bold statement piece? Whether it’s a faucet, sink, tub or lighting fixture, there are many ways to stand out. The Kallista Juxtapose semi-professional faucet comes from the Juxtapose collection by Mick De Giulio. Following this year’s trends, the faucet is available in both single and mixed-metal finishes, including matte black and gold. For lighting, consider a show stopping chandelier like the Flute 12-light chandelier by Alora. This fixture is available in multiple finishes to mix and match with other finishes in the home.

Kallista Juxtapose Kitchen Faucet
Alora 12-Light Chandelier

Each new year brings new trends, and some even remain timeless. We’d love the opportunity to help you start 2021 with home improvement. Schedule a virtual appointment or an in store appointment at a PDI showroom near you today, click here to learn more.

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