A Mid-Century Modern Restoration by Yellow Bungalow

At PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting, we have the honor of working with talented trade customers such as Yellow Bungalow, a residential & boutique commercial Interior Design Studio dedicated to customizing lifestyle enriching spaces. Read the story behind one of their bathroom renovation projects, written by the Yellow Bungalow team.

When Weidmann Remodeling reached out to us to assist with this Morningside extension and renovation, we were ecstatic! We love Mid Century Ranches and this one was in need of some major updating, complete with the addition of a stunning master bathroom. The homeowners had tons of ideas for us to sort through and unify, making it all the more fun for us to design the mid-century space of their dreams.  

Mid-Century modern inspired spaces have been super popular for the past decade. Everyone wants their turn at bringing this retro style to new and modern heights. In our case, we had a classic home as a blank canvas with the goal in mind of creating a modern bathroom that holds true to and honors the time period in which it was built. It may be easy to spot a MCM space while flipping through a magazine or scrolling through those Pinterest boards, but what really characterizes the details of this style of design? Mid-Century Modern design blends functionality with clean lines and geometric shapes, while balancing various materials and textures to create a cohesive space. By utilizing a variety of lively materials, simple design features, and fresh finishes, we were able to create a modern yet earthy space that pulls together ties from both the past and the present. 

A driving point of mid-century modern design is the use of uncluttered, sleek lines. With minimum ornamentation, the focus is put on functionality and simple form. We’ve all heard the phrase “form follows function.” In this bathroom, that principle was a driving force behind the design. Clean white walls serve as an effortlessly bright backdrop to the space as a whole. The trim-less window and simple base molding blend seamlessly to keep your eye on what’s important – unity. Black framed vanity mirrors, the squared edge countertop, and freestanding modern tub, do the same as their sleek lines add to the modern feel. The black marbled porcelain wall tiles and matte hex flooring add a bit of pattern and movement to balance the natural oak wood vanity in a bold, eye-catching way. Concrete-look quartz countertops contrast a bit to bring in more of the earthy/contemporary look. 

The vanity features large storage drawers that provide ample hidden space and built-in open storage at the bottom. Every inch of the piece is utilized and designed to a specific purpose for each of the homeowners. The built-in shower niche provides integrated storage without taking up additional space and eliminates the need for an extra shelf or shower caddy. Lastly, but most importantly, the sculptural and architectural lines of the plumbing fixtures add that truthful sophistication. The brass sink faucet, tub filler, and shower fixtures of the Kohler Purist collection are the stand-out star + pop against the otherwise black and white tones, giving the space that “classic but new” MCM feel. 

Yellow Bungalow did a wonderful job with this project and we are grateful for their partnership. Whether you’re a homeowner or trade customer, we would love the opportunity to serve you. See our showroom and branch locations here, and Rely on Us for the details.

Designer: Yellow Bungalow

Homebuilder: Weidmann Remodeling

Photographer: Kristen Wade

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