National Spring-Cleaning Week

The sun is shining bright, and the flowers are in bloom, Spring is finally here! With this exciting part of the year, it is easy to lose track of time with all the hours spent enjoying the wonderful weather. Rely on Us for some quick tips to save you time, so you may enjoy the outdoors with those you love. Here are a few Spring cleaning tricks and tips from your favorite experts in Kitchen, Bath, and Lighting!

1. Cut out the Clutter

De-cluttering is key when starting your spring-cleaning routine. There are many ways to approach cutting back on clutter, the fastest way to air out any room is to dust. Inhaling dust and coming home to a cluttered space can cause serious harm if left unattended. Especially with the timely breeze of pollen coming into the home; a clear space will always lead to a clear mind.

2. Keeping up with the Kitchen and Bath

The chore of cleaning the kitchen and bathroom can seem monotonous. The weekly task of getting in between grout and cleaning behind the sink can be easier and more efficient. It is all in the product and the Kohler Clean product line helps to keep your kitchen and bath fresh with a longer lasting clean. The multiuse faucet cleaner of the Kohler Clean line leaves a streak free shine and has no bleach or ammonia. It is great for removing dirt, grime, and other residue on faucets, glass, mirrors, countertops, and other natural surfaces. Pick up a handy spray bottle of this high-quality cleaner at one of our local Kohler Signature Stores and see the difference for yourself!

3. Check your Water Heater

Keeping your water heater running at a consistent 120 degrees will prevent scalding and allow a consistent temperature for cleaning bathroom showers and tubs. If it has been over six months since you have last inspected your water heater it might be time to drain and flush it. This will get rid of any still water that might have accumulated and will maximize the longevity of your water heater. When it is time to drain your water heater consult the manual on the side of you unit for how to safely and effectively do so. Whether you are in a dry state or somewhere more humid, replacing a water heater after 15 years of use is always a good decision. When replacing a water heater, Rely on PDI for the best deals and expert advice.

4. Looking for Leaks

After the cold season, pipes can easily be worn down from the winter chill. It is best to inspect behind your toilet and underneath all of your sinks after cleaning, check for leaks, spills, and messes before they become a bigger problem.

5. Avoid the Shower Headaches

Ever wonder what causes shower heads to corrode and build up gunk? It is mineral deposits, and they are easy to clean! The efficient and effective way to clean any shower head efficiently and effectively is to unscrew your showerhead and soak it in vinegar overnight. When removing it from the vinegar, any mineral deposit residue will come off easily with an old toothbrush or scrub brush.

These are just a few quick and easy tips to help keep you out of the house and do the things you love this Spring. If you are still looking for more information on best practices to keep your kitchen, bath, and home in beautiful condition, schedule an appointment with one of our expert consultants at one of our showrooms! Click below to schedule your appointment today.

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